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Have any questions, comments, or critique about how I play Riku? Please leave them in a comment below.

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invisible barrier

Name: Riku
Age: 17
Canon: Kingdom Hearts
Canon Point: Post Dream Drop Distance
Appearance: Here
Birthday: N/A
Height/Weight: N/A
Canon Abilities: Like Sora and Roxas, Riku can wield a Keyblade and is very proficient with it in battle. He prefers a one-handed attack stance when fighting with only one Keyblade, as he does have the ability to wield more than one at a time. In fact, he can even borrow Keyblades from other Bearers. He has some hand-to-hand combat skill, as he’s shown being able to dispatch Xion single-handedly, but he prefers to fight with his Keyblade when he can. He has the ability to use powers from both the light and the dark, things such as spells and special attacks, while using his Keyblade. He has a Dark Mode which is a special form he can take that enhances his darkness-oriented abilities. He can also use Flowmotion, which envelopes him into a protective aura and allows him to leap up and jump down from great heights and basically allows him to use the environment around him to pull off interesting attacks. He can also ‘smell’ and detect darkness. Note: Because his price is his Keyblade, all of Riku’s Keyblade related abilities will be lost to him in-game (spells, Dark Mode), except for his ability to borrow other’s Keyblades. Powers lost in low frequency worlds: ability to smell darkness, ability to borrow Keyblades, ability to call on the Darkness for strength, and Flowmotion.
History: Here
Personality: Here
Power: The ability to create an invisible barrier around himself and any object or person standing next to him. When he first learns how to use it, the barrier will only surround him, but with practice it will spread outward enough to shield one other person or object immediately next to him. When surrounded by the barrier, attacks and objects will bounce off of it. But Riku and anyone else surrounded by the barrier will be unable to touch anything outside of the barrier.
Price: His Keyblade, Way to the Dawn.
Acceptance Month: August 2017
Acclimation Level: #7
Summary of Game History:
Answers are formatted "IC | OOC".
Physical Affection: He'll accept it from people he's close to (friends and family), but likely won't be comfortable with strangers or acquaintances touching him or in his space. | I'm totally fine with anyone giving it a try however!
Violence: Riku is a capable fighter and enjoys a challenge so come at him. | Come at him.
Death: Riku would not be pleased with dying. | Discuss it with me first!
Sexual Content: He's not the type to do casual so building a relationship with him first is a requirement. | I'm fine with it provided it's with a character close in age to him. He's only 17.
Power Usage: He definitely won't hesitate to use his ability. | Feel free using yours on him.
Mind Reading: He would hate this. | Do it anyways.

Answers are based on OOC preference only.
Backtagging: Always and forever! If the thread is over a month old and doesn't seem to be going anywhere, I may drop it. But otherwise, I'll backtag forever.
Threadhopping: As long as everyone involved agrees, it's fine with me.
Fourth Wall Breaking: No.
Sensitive Subjects: Threatening people he cares for, betrayal, being overtaken by darkness...
Please warn for...: Nothing I can think of.
OK Kinks:
No Go Kinks: non-con, dub-con, scat, golden showers.
Name: Rea
Contact: [ profile] NearTheHeart
OOC Journal: [personal profile] animegl
HMD: Here
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